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123 Certificates offers

free certificate templates

 that you can use to make formal awards, awards for kids, awards for a tournament or contest. There are over 1,250 certificate designs, including formal templates, school certificates, sports themed choices, cute awards, holiday borders and more. Choose a category below and then click on any template preview to get started. Fully customize the text, layout, add a logo or picture to the template and print for free.

Reward somebody today!

formal award certificates


Formal awards for various occasions. 33 styles to choose from or try these below for more formal awards:

school certificates


Sports Certificates:

Reward the player of the week or player of the game, or just reward someone who likes sports!

printable reading certificates

: with matching incentives sheets!

These are great for encouraging reading! There are cute awards, star awards and more formal looking awards. They are great rewards for your phonics program.

Printable Bookmarks and Bookmark Awards

cute award certificates


These are a bit softer, lighter and happier. They are fantastic for almost any occasion.

Free printable sticker charts

to match. Let the students complete the incentives sheet and then give them a matching certificate!

cool certificates to print

:with matching incentives sheets!

These are some cool and fun certificates for kids. Reward people for a good job done or students for hard work on a project, report, homework, whatever!

sci-fi awards and fantasy certificates both with matching incentives sheets! A little science fiction for those that are into it. The same awards appear as coloring sheets. Give them an award in color or give them an award they can color themselves! The fantasy awards have several different characters. There should be something there for any fantasy fan. Plus dragon certificates!
Graduation diploma templates

General Award certificate templates

. These are pretty basic. They can be used for quite a few other things related to the following categories. Use the teamwork certificates for good sportsmanship, for example.

printable Valentine's certificateholiday award certificates

printable birthday certificates

print these birthday awards or as birthday cards. Fill in all the information or leave the bottom information out and sign it just like a card.

100% customizable!

Free Christian certificates:

These are the same type of certificates. I made them but they are on another site I recently created called Sunday School Printables. There are more resources on the site: stickers, charts, and coloring pages.

photo certificates

for those that don't want the 'kiddy stuff,' here are some photo styled certificates. There are no words on these so you can use them for many different occasions.

Graduation Certificates, Bright Idea Certificates, Angel Certificates, General School Award Certificates and More!

Misc: Card Game Certificates, Chess Certificate Templates

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